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Shanghai Hugong Electric (Group) Co., Ltd

Shanghai Hugong Electric (Group) Co., Ltd is one of leading companies manufacturing welding and cutting equipment. It has an excellent reputation in the fields of welding and cutting.

With its wide range of products, Hugong meets the requirement of all the sectors, from DIY to professional use, from specialist to the industrial user.

Hugong has more than 40years experience of welding and 60years experience of cutting. Based in Shanghai, China, the company has about 66000m2 of efficient and modern production facilities, 1000employees, 48 subsidiary companies and 800 distributors in China and overseas.

With skilled personnel and a large research and development team, the company provides reliable, innovative products with excellent performance using the ISO9000:2000 quality control system to service clients.

Shanghai Hugong Electric (Group) Co., is the proprietor of “HUGONG” brand. It was awarded by Shanghai government as “Excellent Enterprise” for a continuous span of 10 years and “Model unit” for a 4 successive years. Hugong also has been awarded “High Tech Company” and a major “special supported company” as judged by the government.

Shanghai Gas welding equipment Co., Ltd- a HUGONG company, which has more than 55 year’s history. It is the first cutting equipment company and one of the biggest cutting equipment producers in China. The first CNC gantry cutting system and portable cutting machines of China were originally designed by this company. In 1990s, was a joint venture organization of a leading global welding and cutting machine manufacturer for producing both gantry cutting system and portable cutting machine in China.

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