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Hugong Group in Mass Fitness Sports Competition won medals
December 3, 2011, the company participated in by the District Federation of Trade Unions organized the "2011 Qingpu District, enterprise workers and the public broadcasting gymnastics fitness sports competitions." Group's contestants come prepared, through the trials and achieved third place and the public broadcasting gymnastics fitness sports second good results.

Activities are divided into the eighth set of broadcasting gymnastics competitions and balls, ropes, shuttlecock obstacle relay race in two parts. With the company's gymnastics team uniform bright dress, uniform queues, graceful movements, the force will be broadcast gymnastics, god, America demonstrated most vividly, every stretch, squat jumps are doing a kind of mold, and fully embodies the Shanghai workers' solidarity, health, mental outlook, and thus won the judges approval, was third.

Subsequent balls, ropes, shuttlecock obstacle relay race, it is intense, race against time. Ball, rope, shuttlecock, going into the tournament, drew bursts of applause, cheers after another, after a concerted effort by the players and ultimately finished second success.

These achievements are the athletes unity, tenacious Pinbo inseparable, before the team members in the organization of trade unions under a careful training, company departments very busy at work in the case also gave strong support and cooperation.