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Member associations style barbecue gathering


In November 13th, 2011, sports unions to celebrate the group establishment of the association members rich leisure life, in a busy enjoy and fun group activities, sports association members to the vision of Dianshanhu Avenueheld near the barbecue.

In 9:00 a.m., the players who formed the team, with homemade oven, food and other marching toward the destination. In a small stream on the grass, we rolled out a table linen, started the event. Some take the charcoal fire, prepared foods and some string, and some roll up their sleeves, ready for the grill, too busy! Big players are the first barbecue, although significant rusty, but a great time, and some wore red blush to turn the fire roasted food, some yelling, holding a fork serving, rushing just baked some holding chopsticks good food, Liangri King Xuan Xuan. After the barbecue, we play cards, or on the grass, or sitting quietly lying on the grass, or holding a fishing rod in the stream, enjoying the warm sun in winter afternoon.

This is the first time since the establishment of sports associations organize large-scale activities of all members in the staff of careful preparation, the event a success.