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Safety training of employees successfully held

 Safety training of employees successfully held

In September 27, 2011 afternoon, the group of companies active in organizing the 2011 staff safety training of migrant workers in Shanghai. From various departments over a hundred new migrant workers to participate in the training, and conduct on-site examinations. Hsia streetto visit the company related to leadership training on-site inspection training situation.

Training site, the speaker Yu teacher by invoking security examples, explain the large number of daily production safety knowledge, security requirements, occupational health requirements, so that employees fully understand their production in the security responsibilities and obligations, as well as occupational health importance and necessity.

Safety training of migrant workers inShanghaiis the Shanghai Municipal Government annual safety training for migrant workers free of practical projects. In accordance with the municipal government "to do real facts, the solid and good" requirement, under the care of the streets in the summer sun, over the years, the company has always attached great importance to the safety of new induction training for migrant workers, migrant workers each year participate in safety training, earnestly production safety training, and strive to form "everyone about safety, security, and promote harmony," the production environment, to continually improve the company's safety standards.