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Mid-Autumn Festival

 Mid-Autumn Festival

Ihe evening of 10 September 2011, Shanghaiand Shanghai Welding Group Mid PARTY successfully held. Gathered a majority of employees in advance spent a memorable kind in the autumn. Gatherings beginning, the company executives to stick in various positions on the staff represents the most sincere greetings and heartfelt thanks.

Autumn PARTY with buffets, interspersed with various forms of the game, employees enjoy a meal at the same time, more games to get through participation prizes, in this atmosphere, the happy, beautiful, harmony, joy atmosphere overflowing Hugong.

Grab the bench in the game, everyone you compete scenes, very lively, this one will sit someone else's lap staff, a staff that will sit on the ground, attracted the audience laugh, have applauded; transposed conductor game from the command line employees of the department leadership, staff exaggerated command, leadership antics that will delight the PARTY atmosphere to a climax; wine king Competition, drink you will come and drink out of the Shanghai workers drinker and tolerance ; throwing Hydrangea points champion, accompanied by "pig Wife," the rhythm of the music cheerful, funny atmosphere, four pairs of young men and women from ancient poetry to answer math problems, from riddles to riddles, to compete with the tacit understanding with the final victory.

Interspersed among the aspects of the game there are just Hugong second ten singers won the championship, runner-up of the players performances, their wonderful singing once again won the audience's enthusiastic response to the next field, the second party Adds glory.

In the warm, harmonious atmosphere,Shanghaiworkers gathered together to spend a wonderful holiday!