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The second session of “Hugong Top ten singers” finals held successfully

The second session of “Hugong Top ten singers” finals held successfully.

In the evening of 8 September 2011, the highly anticipated second Hugong Top Ten singers of the finals tournament held smoothly.

Final session is divided into Mike Imagination, a cappella PK and match-ups three links, each link has a unique selection method.

After the start of the game, stand out from the preliminary round of the 18th group of players show their skills, enjoy the play for the audience a visual feast of different styles, some soulful, some limitless energy, and some cheerful joy, there is playful sweet, beautiful singer players, a strong grasp of rhythm, full of emotion singing their love of music vividly, each player enjoy the music freely roam the ocean.

After lasted nearly three hours of intense competition and professional judges together with the public judges the collective, finally, produced Hugong ten singers and the top three.

At this moment, the second game Hugong Top Ten singers come to an end!