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Hugong group sports associations inaugural meeting was held successfully

 Hugong group sports associations inaugural meeting was held successfully

To enrich the lives of all employees amateur, in the staff to carry out sports, cultural activities, and promote communication among employees, the company since July 2011 has been actively preparing for the establishment of the "Shanghai Engineering Group Sports Association" and "Shanghai Engineering Group Arts Association." August 9, 2011, the company organized the inaugural meeting of sports associations, the relevant responsible persons and members attended the meeting.

Meeting discussed and adopted the "Bylaws of Sports Association" and "Arts Association Articles of Association," and carried out in accordance with the Articles of Association of the First Council of stylistic election of the members of the second half and sports activities were planned arrangements.

Successful convening of the meeting marked the stylistic Association was formally established. Establishment of the Association conform stylistic development situation of enterprises to meet the spiritual needs of the staff in improving staff quality, and enhance cohesion has a very important role in building a corporate culture force.