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Hugong group Fifth "Basketball Tournament" finals was held successfully

Hugong group Fifth "Basketball Tournament" finals was held successfully

With the championship whistle whistle, which lasted nearly a month of the year 2011 Fifth Basketball Tournament After intense competition, on July 14 ended successfully. 

Season Live unusually warm. Players are aggressive, tight defense, with wonderful, clever steals, from time to time tournament atmosphere to a climax. Production of two sales team against a team game, competition is fierce, in the first half, the score is even more bite from 16:16,18:18,20:20,26:26,28: 28, tie the score several times, who do not give up any chance, the strength of well-matched; half substitutes due to the lack of a team of extremely weak sales, production two teams final six-point win. Production of a team and the production of three teams compete for the championship game, it is a rich visual feast, between the team members unite, work together, wonderful pick and roll, pass, caps, jumpers, dribble, far range shots, especially the production of a team of 10 long shot three minutes the basket, winning the audience's applause field with cheers, they played level, race out of style.

The tournament, demonstrating the company's employees competitive level of basketball. Through this contest, team members learn the skills, exercise the body, but also the exchange of ideas, enhance friendship, but also the Shanghaiworkers to add fresh blood basketball team played a positive role. At the same time, the players in the game demonstrated indomitable spirit of unity and cooperation, we can learn, showing Hugong good spirit. I hope you can match the spirit of the process applied to future learning, work and life in the past.