Laser Cutting Machine

■ A good choice metal plate cutting by flame and plasma.

■  Machine size is due to customer's request on X and Y direction.

■  Strong gantry and linear rail ensures durability, stability and quick speed.

■ CNC controller gives screen of 7’’ or 15'',

  Windows XP, English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French and others.

  CNC Controller gives easy operation interface, shape library and cutting parameters programs.

  Efficiency improvement and cutting quality functions, including Mirror, rotation, scale, repeat, skew functions, etc

  USB terminal for program and data input and output.

  CNC controller supports mouse and keyboard for easy operation.

  Can use FastCAM, Hypertherm and other brands nesting software.

■  ARC voltage THC to drive plasma torch action automatically.

■  Capacitor THC to drive flame torch action automatically.

■ Auto ignition device and flash arrestor on flame torch.

■ Application: for light industries ordinary thickness by both flame and plasma.




Input voltage

220V/380V, customized

Rail distance(mm)


Effective cutting width(mm)

X width -600, 1 CNC torch

Rail length(mm)

Customer’s requirement

Effective cutting length(mm)

Y length -1500

Driving motor

Dual, AC servo motor, Panasonic

Torch idle speed(mm/min)


CNC torch No.


Flame cutting thickness(mm)


Flame cutting speed(mm/min)


Fuel gas

Acetylene, propane, LPG

Plasma cutting thickness(mm)

Up to power source

Plasma power source

Powermax45 65 85 105

Optional functions

Marking by Zinc powder marking Laser pointer


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