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Robotic Welding System
A robot welding system is an independent welding unit which is wildly used in manufacturing of automobile, steel industry, building material, engineering machinery, petrochemical. Home electric, light industry, aero industry, shipbuilding, and military, which is applicable in CO2 MIG/MAG welding of mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. The welding system consists of welding robot, CO2 MIG/MAG welding machine, wire feeder, and auxiliary equipment.

Robot pipe intersection welding system is typical and complex space welding system, which is designed for special welding process of special pipe seam with welding robot, welding power source, the axis deflection machine and special fixture welding system, to realize the complex pipe intersection welding for pressure vessel, oil conveying, automotive, aerospace, mechanical manufacturing industries.

Automatic Spot Welding Robot System as a flexible, independent, universal welding system, widely used in aerospace, automotive, electrical appliances, machinery, militaries industries such as low carbon steel, alloy steel and non-ferrous metal welding, the system is composed of a robotic arm, pneumatic integration welding torch, automatic control system, welding special clip. And welding workstation composition.

Welding robot system as an independent welding unit is widely used in automobiles, steel, building materials, construction machinery, petrochemical, home appliances, light industry, aviation, shipping army work, etc. It has the powerful advantage in the fields of stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metal welding areas. The welding methods include CO2 MIG/MAG welding machine and wire feeder system. Users can obtain flexible configuration for robots and welding machine’s specifications according to their own requirements.

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