Laser Cutting Machine
CNCG Series CNC Pipe profile cutting machine intersection cutting machine(Also known as Pipeline intersection cutter) is widely used for cutting pipe structures in construction, shipbuilding, power generation, petrochemical, machinery, metallurgy, etc. CNCG series CNC pipe cutting machine makes all complicate processes easy operation.

Cylindrical coordinate system is used to control the axis, 2-8 axis are available in accordance with production requirement. Man-machine interface with English language display, parameter setting, which features groove cutting with fixed angle and varying angle, and non-circularity and eccentricity compensation for pipe.

The interface is combined with graphics and data, operator friendly. Simply input radiuses of main and branch pipes, intersecting angle. Cutting speed, and press ”Start” button; and then, igniting, preheating and cutting will be automatically realized. The software has a reasonable pinout to ensure reliable cutting quality. Parameters can be saved for future use.

As required, oxygen-acetylene, oxygen-LPG, or plasma cutting are available. Maximum and minimum pipe radiuses, as well as pipe length, can be customized.




Input voltage

380V, customized

Pipe diameter(mm)


Pipe length(mm)

As customer requirement

Loading capacity(kg)




Ovality sensor


Beveling angle

60 degree

Driving motor

AC servo motor, Panasonic

Flame cutting speed(mm/min)


Fuel gas

Propane, acetylene, LPG

Plasma cutting thickness(mm)

Up to power source

Plasma cutting speed(mm/min)

Up to power source

Plasma power source


Work piece material

MS, SS, Aluminium, alloy


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