Laser Cutting Machine

■Light pipe intersection machine is a small size machine, specially designed for cost sensitive users to cut small diameter pipe.

■Its compatible structure suits small size and thin pipes cutting very well. It is a good choice to achieve high quality, quick speed and stable cutting process.

■Machine has HG822 controller and 15” touch screen. It is featured with easy operation interface and easy parameter setting program.

■Users just need to input pipe diameter and intersection angle. Machine is smart enough to cut intersection lines and holes.

■It is for cutting rectangle and slot on mother pipe, for cutting vertical slot, oblique crossing and for off-centre between mother pipe and branch pipe, for shimp pipe, vertical and oblique crossing betwwen plate and pipe, double and multiple intersection and others.

■It suits mild steel, red copper and alloy material pipe process.


Input voltage(V)

220V/380V, customized

Pipe diameter(mm)


Max loading capacity(Kg)


Cutting thickness(mm)


Plasma cutting speed


Controller axis:


Cutting process

Flame and plasma

Pipe material

Mild steel, red copper and alloy

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