Laser Cutting Machine

■INTECUT is strong alloy structure to achieve portable and reliable purpose

■Installation can be finished in 30 minutes

■ CNC is with 7'' colorful displayer and interfaces,English,Russian,Spanish,Portuguese,French,Danish,Korean,Chinese,Thai language.

■ 44 shapes in CNC library. It is easy for user to choose and set parameters.

■ Functions for both flame cutting and plasma cutting.

■ Program are built in for improving cutting quality, includes speed, pierce time,pulse,motions,etc.

■ Easy exchanging between flame and plasma cutting model

■ USB port for inputting and outputting drawings

■ Compatible for nesting software, FastCAM,MTC,Turbonest,etc. Drawings from AUTOCAD,TEKLA and SOLIDWORKS are easily used

Input power 1 phase, 110V,220V,230V,240V, 50HZ/60HZ
Input capacity(W) 180W
Controller screen 7''
Cutting model Plasma and flame cutting
Nesting program compatible to FastCAM, Hypertherm software
Plasma power source Ready to support Hypertherm 45A 65A 85 105A
Fuel gas Propane, Acetylene,LPG
Effective cutting size(mm) 1220*2000 1220*3400 1400*3400
Transvers arm size(mm) 2000 2000 2300
Rail size 2500 4000 4000
Positioning speed(mm/min) 6000 6000 6000
Flame cutting thickness(mm) 80 80 80
Flame cutting speed(mm/min) 100-750 100-750 100-750
Oxygen pressure ≦1.5Mpa ≦1.5Mpa ≦1.5Mpa

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