Laser Cutting Machine
HGLB3015 500W
Hugong Laser cutting solution is based on long time cutting background
Hugong Flame and Plasma experience contributes a lot to laser solutions
This is combination of laser technology and Hugong integration capacity
Heavy structure ensures machine to achieve high speed and high precision
Machine bed is fully stress released for long time durability and stability
Beam is cast aluminium structure 
All components are world famous brands and approved by Hugong serious inspection
Quick transvers speed and cutting speed improves efficiency
Automatic Roar and fine adjustment on torch height
Widely used in Machinery,oil&gas,pipe,Aerospace,Automobile,funiture,kitchen supplies,sanitary 
  ware, Ect
Laser power source can be Raycus and IPG brand

Items Specification
Model HGLB3015 500W
Input power Customized voltage
effective cutting width(mm) 1500
effective cutting length(mm) 3000
positioning accuracy 0.05mm
repeating accuracy 0.03mm
max transvers speed 80m/min
Acceleration 0.8G
Controller Cypcut
controller interface Windows
Monitor 15''
Gross weight of CNC 2800Kg

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