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ECONOPIPE CNC pipe intersection equipment

Product description

A professional and economic pipe cutter

Easy installation

Strong steel structure

Friendly interface, easy operation

Supply with easy and economic software

Flame and Plasma options

Portable machine, good for contract based production

FreePIPE functions

Input existing drawings

Modify drawings easily

Optimize drawing details

Generate G-codes

technical parameter

Cutting process Plasma, Flame
Input voltage(V,Hz) 110/220/230/240, 220/380/400/415,50/60
Pipe diameter(mm) 60-315
Pipe length(mm) 3000, 6000
Loading capacity(mm,Kg) 3000mm length: Thickness:15, Weight:500
CNC controller HG823
Axis 3 axis
Motor Servo motor
Positioning accuracy(mm) ±0.5/1000
Repeating accuracy(mm) ±0.2/1000
Positioning speed(mm/min) 6,000
Plasma power source Hypertherm: Powermax 45,65,85,105,125
Flame cutting gas Acetylene, Propane, LPG - O2
Nesting software Free pipe


■Working process



■FreePIPE software

■Machanical parts

■Machine at sites