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HGTUBE CNC pipe intersection equipment

Product description

A tehcnical and economic choice square pipe cutting process.

Machine can be designed to have X, Y, Z, A, B, U and C axis.

Strong trolley structure or beam structure ensures durability,stability and quick speed.

CNC controller gives screen of 15〃, English and other language.

CNC Controller gives easy operation interface,shape library and cutting parameters programs.

10 shapes designed are built in controller.

technical parameter

Power Voltage 220V/380V,Custormised voltage
Circle tube outside diameter(mm) ¢60-¢1000
Square tube outside diameter(mm) 200x200-400x400
Max loading capacity(Kgs) 5000
Cutting thickness(mm) 5-80
Material: Mild steel(Stainless steel and aluminum alloy need plasma cutter)
Flame Cutting speed(mm/min) 100-750
Plasma Cutting speed(mm/min) 500-5000
Numbers of control axis 5、6、7
Flame Cutting Gas Acetylene, Propane,Natural gas,Propylene