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INTECUT-B Portable CNC flame and plasma cutting machines

Product description

High strength, hardness alloy frame works.

Axis cored sliding way are applied on X-beam and Y rails.

High gantry is used for easily feeding plate and unloading workpieces.

Strong and light torch station avoid damage to X-beam.

Fastening parts fix each connection and corner.

Cable chain take and protect cables.

Easy operation of plasma torch holder. Easy exchangement between plasma and oxy-fuel.

Feet are used for adjusting level easily.

7'' Displayer, colorful interfaces, English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Denish, Korean, Chinese.

44 shapes in controller library.

technical parameter

Power supply 1PH, 220V,50HZ(Customised voltage is available)
Input capacity(W) 180
Controller displayer 7”LCD, colorful
Cutting width(mm) 2000
Cutting length 3000 Customised length is available
Cutting model Flame or Plasma
Positioning speed(mm/min) 6000
Flame cutting thickness(mm) 80
Flame cutting speed(mm/min) 100-750
Oxygen pressure ≦1.5Mpa
Cutting gas LPG, Propane, Acetylene,O2
Plasma Up to 125A, Highly recommend Hypertherm/Victor to achieve good quality
Nesting software FastCAM


■Working process


■Nesting software-for reference

■Automatic torch height controller

■Upgrade:cut pipe

■Machine at sites